Apidren Review – 12 Facts You Need to Know

Apidren Review – 12 Facts You Need to Know
Apidren Review – 12 Facts You Need to Know

The supplement claims to jumpstart your weight loss efforts and decreases waist circumference naturally. is reader-supported, so if you'll make a purchase using any of our affiliate links, we may earn commissions at no additional costs to you.

Apidren claims itself “All-Natural Weight Loss Formula” that decreases the waist circumference individually and promises to ‘jumpstart your weight loss' with its clinically proven ingredients. It's disappointed to see that the manufacturer didn't provide much more information regarding Apidren. When the manufacturer doesn't provide enough information that we look at the customers' reviews to see what they discussed about the product.

To uncover the facts, our research team dug deeper and analyzed all the negative reviews and comments regarding this product. Additionally, we look at the ingredients and compared them with medical researches to see if they are safe and backed up by science. Then we summarized all the findings and related aspects of this product into a well-defined review to give you the information, you need. So, you'd make a better decision if this product is an optimal choice or you should try something else, much better.

Let's uncover the facts…

What is Apidren?

Apidren is a fat burning supplement which is specifically designed to offer you various benefits such as suppressed appetite, increased metabolism and help to burn calories with that ultimately leads to successive weight loss.

The supplement claims to help in accelerating the process of thermogenesis and control craving to prevent you from emotional overeating.

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About Manufacturer

The supplement is developed by Advantage Nutraceuticals, based in Utah, United States.

No other information found regarding manufacturer.
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Apidren Claims

  • Contains clinically proven ingredients
  • Jumpstart your weight loss
  • Helps in decreasing your waist circumference
  • Made in the USA under GMP compliant facility
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Apidren Ingredients Analysis

The supplement is made with CardiaSlim Proprietary Blend that contains the following 2 ingredients:

  • Sphaeranthus Indicus Extract
  • Garcinia Mangostana Extract

Other ingredients added to this supplement include microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

The combination of Sphaeranthus Indicus Extract and Garcinia Mangostana Extract is well known as Meratrim in many other supplements.

Healthline mentions the story behind meratrim, when the group of researchers wanted to invent a new weight loss supplement.

They took a variety of medicinal herbs and tested the effect of each herb for changing the metabolism of fat cells. Eventually, they found the combination for Sphaeranthus Indicus Extract and Garcinia Mangostana Extract effective for changing the metabolism of fat cells and they gave this a name, meratrim.

In the past, both of these were used for the treatment of various illness and researchers claimed that meratrim can make it harder for fat cells to grow in number, decrease the amount of fat that pick up from the bloodstream and has the ability to burn already stored fat.

But it's important to know that all these claims happened on test-tube cells so it was still was required to test on breathing human beings before believing in researchers' claims.

To uncover the truth, there is an excellent case study of meratrim on the human being, where 100 obese people (23 men and 77 women) were divided into two groups:

  1. Meratrim group: The people were given 400mg of meratrim 30 before minutes before breakfast and dinner (a total of 800mg).
  2. Placebo group: The placebo group took 400mg of some of a dummy pill, at the same time.

All the participants were placed on a strict diet of 2000 calories and were advised to walk for 30 minutes a day.

As a result, the meratrim group lost much more weight (11 pounds) as compared to the placebo group (3.3 pounds).

The study was sponsored by InterHealth, a company that manufactures and sells meratrim. It doesn't mean that result was flawed but it's thought that funding sources often have an effect on the outcome, states Healthline (1, 2).
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Does Apidren Help in Losing Weight?

There is no clinical study found that tested the effect of the added ingredient and support its weight loss benefits. Based on ingredients, only one clinical study supports the effectiveness of ingredients in terms of losing weight loss, so, before taking this into consideration, more studies are required.

We found numerous negative reviews regarding this supplement and product secured a disappointing rating of (2 out of 5) on Amazon.

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Apidren Potential Side Effects

The official website didn't describe any side effects related to this product but based on ingredients added to this supplement, we've compiled a list of side effects that you may experience by using Apidren:

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Digestive tract discomfort
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How to Take Apidren

The dosage depends on the tolerance level, start taking one capsule in the morning before breakfast and if you don't see any negative effect then you may increase your dosage up to 2 capsules per serving in the morning.

The manufacturer also advised not to exceed the recommended dosage and must drink 72 ounces of water on a daily basis while taking Apidren.

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Warnings for Apidren Users

  • Not suitable for people under age 18
  • Pregnant or nursing women shouldn't use this supplement
  • Consult your doctor or physician first, before adding this supplement to your daily lifestyle
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Customers Reviews

Numerous negative reviews found regarding this supplement that shows that product doesn't seem to work and often causes nasty side effects. Here is what we found:

Again another product that didn't do what it claimed to do. Sadly, it didn't curb my appetite and help me lose weight.
I received my order as promised. Order looked exactly like the description but didn't work as described. I added these supplements to my usual routine which included exercise and a low cal/carb meals and had no results.
I have not noticed any change in my appetite or energy levels. This product has not helped me lose any weight. I am a very active and healthy person but my metabolism has slowed down. I thought this product would help based on reviews. I want a refund.
Lynn Thetford
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Where to Buy Apidren

The product can be purchased directly from its official website. One bottle of Apidren contains 30 capsules which can be a supply of 15 or 30 days, depending on your dosage per day.

There are no discount packages available but yes if you buy 2 bottles of Apidren then company gives you 1 bottle of its partner product, Apidren PM for free.

Money Back Guarantee

The product comes with 90 days money back guarantee and the manufacturer claims to refund your money (excluding shipping and handling fee), in case you don't see your desired results.

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Apidren Alternative – Our Recommendation

So, should you try Apidren for your weight loss goals? Well, it's good to see supplement contains natural ingredients but we're disappointed to see that the company didn't bother to share the research and studies that could support its claims for weight loss purposes. We're also concerned about the negative customers' reviews and side effects associated with Apidren. So, you might want to try out a better alternative!

Among the best products available in the market, PhenQ met our satisfaction. The supplement contains clinically proven and safe ingredients that greatly help you in promoting successive weight loss and works for all age types.

The supplement offers 3 discount packages with free shipping worldwide. The manufacturer is proud of his developed product so he offers you 60 days money-back guarantee so in case you don't like the product, you'll get your refund with no stipulations required.

To learn better about products, check out the visual comparison and decide yourself which one is the best fit for your weight loss regimen and spending of your hard earned money.

Apidren vs PhenQ
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Side Effects Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Customer Support
Money-Back Guarantee
Free Shipping
Worldwide Availability


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So, ladies and gentlemen, by taking everything into account, we've come with a decision that Apidren may help you with weight loss but individual results will greatly vary. But there are hundreds of negative reviews found regarding this supplement and customers mentioned associated side effects.

No clinically studies found on the official website that could support the claims of Apidren and there is a lack of information regarding the product and manufacturer itself which is questionable about the credibility of the product. So, it would be better to try a high-quality alternative!

While our research for the best products available in the market, our recommendation stands with PhenQ. It gives you all that you need to promote healthy weight loss and better overall health. You don't need to spend money on different expensive programs since the supplement comes with all the guidance that you need to promote weight loss without suffering from unwanted negative reactions.

The supplement has an excellent money-back guarantee of 60 days, just to take the risk off your shoulders so if you get results, you're good but if you don't see your desired results, you'll get your refund!

If you're curious to know about the supplement then you might want to check out our exclusive review..

Emily Stewart Administrator
Emily Stewart is a clinical psychologist who understands the importance of the well-being of an individual on an external and internal level. She believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through her written skills, gives her the knowledge to inform others on an unbiased basis to make an impact.
Emily Stewart Administrator
Emily Stewart is a clinical psychologist who understands the importance of the well-being of an individual on an external and internal level. She believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through her written skills, gives her the knowledge to inform others on an unbiased basis to make an impact.
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Not Recommended!

The supplement lacks information about itself and about the manufacturer. It contains natural ingredients but these required more research before taking into consideration for weight loss purposes. Our recommendation is to use our No. 1 Diet Pill that promises all the weight loss benefits and comes with a remarkable 60 days money-back guarantee.

  • May promote weight loss
  • Comes with 90 days money back guarantee
  • No clinical study posted on the official website regarding the supplement that supports its claim
  • Lack of information regarding product and manufacturer
  • Numerous negative customers reviews
  • Disappointed rating on Amazon (2 out of 5)
  • Associated with side effects
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