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I purchased this product over a month ago and have seen wonderful results. My skin looks younger. I've seen the cellulite on my stomach melt away, but the most amazing part of it all is that my cholesterol has dropped over 80 points. All my bloodwork in now within range. And I've lost 4 lbs but more in inches. Now that worth the cost alone. I have also gave a bottle to two of my children. I'm anxious to see there results As well. Thanks Mega Ultra Burn!
Diane Black
Top Rated Ultra Omega Burn Review – Enjoy Healthy Weight Loss!

Ultra Omega Burn Review – Enjoy Healthy Weight Loss!

Over the past few over-years, our team tackled more than 500 products and one that stands out is premium weight-control supplement, Ultra Omega Burn. Body weight differs from person to person, so to suggest that a certain body type is ‘only’ ...

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2 Panalean Review – Enjoy Long Haul Weight Loss!

Panalean Review – Enjoy Long Haul Weight Loss!

Is weight loss still a struggle and Panalean seems to be the solution you have been looking for? As harsh as this world is, one’s body image is often frowned upon if its overweight. And it is especially distressing if it is already or ...

3 BioLeptin Review – Enjoy Ongoing Weight Loss!

BioLeptin Review – Enjoy Ongoing Weight Loss!

Have you turned to BioLeptin to be your partner in your weight loss journey? You may find yourself going through the Oscars and wondering how you can pull off one of those amazing outfits they strut on the red carpet. But as this thought ...


Best Diet Pills 2020

Buying Guide and Advice

Do you often find yourself looking in the mirror and not liking what you see? You do a little twirl in that favorite dress or your new suit, and cannot help but notice how you look nothing like you imagined you would because of those extra pounds hanging onto your bones. You often find yourself out of breath when going up the stairs or groaning in pain from your joints aching all over. And it really gets to you when you workout at the gym, especially when you are following that strict diet but are not getting the results you hoped for.

It is a pretty grim picture, is it not? And sadly enough, it may seem as something you can relate to. We all have a body ideal and quite often, that ideal involves you being fit internally and looking fit externally. But with all the effort, those pounds still seem to latch on. So it is quite common for one to turn to supplements and diet pills. But it can be really difficult to choose the right one. With so many in the market, picking the best diet pills requires a lot of research. After all, it is your body we are talking about here!

That is why we decided to put our research team to work and help make things easier for you. After extensively going through numerous diet pills, we decided to handpick the 3 we feel are best suited for your needs. And with that, let us begin!

How to Choose Best Diet Pill For Successive Weight Loss

To choose the right diet pill, you need to understand what your body's needs are. And in accordance, there are a few points you have to keep in mind just as we did to decide what would be the best diet pills:

  • Clinical evidence
  • Scientific research
  • Proven to be safe
  • Authentic and positive customer reviews
  • Reasonable prices
  • Money back guarantees
  • Benefits other than weight loss
  • No side-effects

In most cases, it is essential to lose weight as appropriately as possible without suffering any consequences. When you are looking at what diet pill is best, you need to see whether it is clinically backed up. Scientific research is what it is all about. A lot of diet pills and company often make claims but the lack of clinical evidence leaves them with all bark and no bite.

And of course, you are consuming something that will affect your body. So you have to ensure whatever you put in is safe and that again is related to the amount of clinical evidence and scientific research put into that product. When it's proven to be safe, that is when you are more likely to trust a pill with your system. And to add to its authenticity, check out the customer reviews. Who to better trust than other consumers who have used this product and can give you feedback?

Customer reviews speak a lot about the product. Of course, some great products can have a few negative reviews since we all biologically differ. But pay attention to what people are saying and is it leaning more towards the positives or the other side. Another point you have to look at, and naturally will, is the price. The best diet pills should be reasonably priced. It is understandable that quality can cost a lot, but not enough to rob you. And if money back guarantees is thrown in, that speaks a lot about the diet pill's confidence in its claims.

Money back guarantees ensure your wallet's safety and your complete satisfaction. So you should look for a diet pill that definitely offers that so you can not suffer any financial losses if a product does not work for you. What we also would recommend is to look for a diet pill that does not only promise you weight loss, but other benefits as well. These can include increased energy levels, better immunity, allows building lean muscle, regulates blood sugar levels and/or cholesterol levels, improves your skin and a range of other great benefits. And of course, all without side-effects.

Now that looks like pretty hard criteria. But you would be happy to know that some diet pills check all these boxes. Taking all these factors into consideration, we searched the land far and wide, searching for the best. And with that, we give you the top rated diet pills:

  • Ultra Omega Burn
  • Panalean
  • BioLeptin

Let us discuss each in detail and why it made this list!

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Ultra Omega Burn – 🏆 (Available at Cheaper Prices)

This dietary supplement promises to allow you effective weight loss without going through any negative side-effects. By utilizing a combination of 100% natural ingredients, this supplement has proven itself to be pretty reliable in matters of safety. It aims to help you burn that fat away by metabolizing Palmitoleic Acid, an Omega 7 monounsaturated fat. Even though this essential fatty acid is found in different foods such as macadamia nuts or sea buckthorn oil among some, accomplishing the optimum level can be tricky.

This Fat Burning Usher aims to provide its users with a range of benefits which include:

  • Suppression of your appetite
  • Improved digestive system
  • Improves hair, nails and skin
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Serves as a powerful antioxidant
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • May help with skin conditions like eczema and rosacea
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases energy levels
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Optimizes LDL and HDL cholesterol levels(

By utilizing palmitoleic acid, Ultra Omega Burn plays smart as according to ScienceDirect, this ingredient is quite beneficial for Palmitoleic acid has been reported to have beneficial effects on insulin sensitivity, cholesterol metabolism, and hemostasis. The product has no specific warnings except the general rule of thumb that individuals below 18 should avoid it and that you should always consult your doctor before you take on any diet pills.

Other than that, you do not have to worry about negative side-effects which are a great relief! However, just not that you must follow the recommended dosage. Some users did report experiencing loose stools when they did not follow the directions for use and went beyond the advised dosage. So honestly, do yourself a favor and stick to the instructions.

Bonus Ebooks

What is also really brilliant about this product is that with the purchase of the pill, you receive 3 amazing bonus e-books for free. And these e-books are definitely pricey otherwise!

The Fat-Burning Guide to Eating Out – (Normally $47) – You often find yourself struggling to decide what to eat when you are out and about in town. But this guide helps make it all easier but helping you choose the right foods off the menu that contribute to your weight loss journey.

Desserts and Sweets for a Flat Stomach – (Normally $37) – In efforts to lose weight, you often cut out the desserts and sweets from your plate first. But with this guide, you get to keep them. This e-book guides you on different recipes that are guaranteed to please your sweet tooth and still shed those pounds. After all, who does not want a flat stomach?

Hormone Secrets – (Normally $37) – What you eat and how you exercise aside, you need to understand your body and how it works. And in this entire ordeal, your hormones play a great part. This e-book is effective if you wish to know what hormones can help you in your anti-aging and weight loss efforts. And alongside all that, help you pick the foods that can get that fat burning process going!

On another note, customer reviews seem to be in favor of the product greatly! Consumers from all over have testified the effectiveness of this Omega 7 Supplement and supported the product relentlessly for aiding them in their weight loss journey.

the product is good! I lost 12 pounds in the 1st bottle and had more energy, and better less dry skin too. I am buying more right now!!! this is a great product! the only complaint I had is with the company–sooooo slow at getting it to their customers! but now that Amazon has it, even that should be fine!
Theanna Benefiel

Ultra Omega Burn is excellent it help me with the cholesterol level, and lost more than 15 pounds. I have used for 9 months is part of my daily supplements.

I'm nutritionist and I think its a safe product for health and beneficial weight loss supplement. Many people asked me about this product so I checked this out and I think its effective and healthy to recommend it to everyone.

Without anything to hide, this all-in-one solution makes their claims and ingredients visible on their official website for everyone to see. Keeping things transparent, this company really does win you over. It is unfortunate that you cannot purchase this product from any local stores. But hey, with a few simple clicks online, you can have the product delivered to your doorstep with free worldwide shipping. That is right. Ultra Omega Burn offers free worldwide shipping!

If that still is not the winning deal, the product maker also offers a 365 days 100% money back guarantee. This not only speaks volumes about the confidence the company has in its product but also of how they prioritize your satisfaction. Understanding that your needs come first, they allow you a full refund within a year if you are unsatisfied with the product. Moreover, they also realize that package deals and discounts are important for your requirements and for your wallet. So for that, they have three amazing discounts:

  • 1 Bottle – $49.95 (Original Price – $99.95, You Save 50%)
  • 3 Bottles – $119.95 (Original Price – $299.95, You Save 60%)
  • 6 Bottles – $199.95 (Original Price – $599.70, You Save 67%) + Free Shipping

This product really has made an impact on the consumers and with good reason. With 30 pills in one bottle, you simply have to consume one pill a day without any hassle. That is why we found it worthy of being included in our top rated diet pills and would surely give it a green light.

Top Rated Ultra Omega Burn Review – Enjoy Healthy Weight Loss!

Ultra Omega Burn Review – Enjoy Healthy Weight Loss!

Over the past few over-years, our team tackled more than 500 products and one that stands out is premium ...

User rating:

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Panalean – (Free Shipping Worldwide on All Packages)

Noting weight loss as its primary goal, Panalean comes in strong in our list due to its range of other benefits and effectiveness overall. Most weight loss supplements tend to forget your body's overall health in the mix and only aim to shed away those pounds at whatever cost. However, that is not the case with AMPK supplement. This dietary weight loss product aims to not only say goodbye to that fat but help improve your metabolism, boost those energy levels and strengthen your immune system.

It does all of this by utilizing 100% natural ingredients which include Fiit-ns, Astragalus and Ginseng. In a study in the International Journal of Food, Sciences and Nutrition, it was noted that fiit-ns actually improves the metabolic aging process of individuals by testing the ingredient out on obese individuals over a 12 weeks period. The candidates were generally satisfied and slimmed down relatively.

But as we mentioned, weight loss is not the only benefit this supplement provides its consumers. Other benefits of this supplement include:

  • Optimizes your cholesterol levels
  • Regulates your sugar level
  • Detoxifies your body from free radicals
  • Help cut down belly fat
  • Improves your overall mood
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves your immune system
  • Stimulates and activates other antioxidants in your bodies as well as AMPK to fight off any illnesses
  • Improves immunity
  • Boosts your metabolic processes

It really is brilliant how this supplement is able to achieve all this without making their consumers suffer the negative consequences other supplements often end up giving. The lack of any chemicals or additives helps, using only natural ingredients. The only possible side-effect that some consumers faced was having too much energy at times which made sleeping a bit of an issue here and there. But other than that, if you follow the directions of use and heed the warnings, you are all set.

Speaking of warnings, it is advised to not exceed the recommended dosage and that individuals below 18 and lactating and pregnant women should avoid the product. Other than that, it is a general rule of thumb to check with your doctor if you are really set to take any supplement. But if they give you the big OK, then all you have to do is take 2 capsules a day at different times – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – with a nice glass of water both times.

Bonus Ebooks

What is also a great add on to this product are the 3 bonus e-books you get for free on the purchase of Panalean!

7 Breakfast Secrets for Burning Fat and Staying Energized All Day Long – They say that Breakfast is the king of all meals since it starts off your day. This e-book helps you understand the secrets of a good breakfast in helping you burn fat faster and better without suffering any energy cuts!

Combat Belly Fat by Controlling Cortisol – The famous stress hormone Cortisol is also responsible for your weight loss and weight gain. So managing it is key and this e-book does its best to help you in that. So where is that belly fat going to go? Bye bye!

Sneaky Calorie Burners that Anyone Can Do – The supplement itself utilizes calories to help boost your body's fat burning processes and this e-book amps it up by guiding you on other ways calories can help burn away those extra pounds.

If that still comes off small to you, the product maker also understands the value of money and what customers put on the line when they purchase a product. That is why they not only offer free worldwide shipping but allow consumers to avail their 365 days 100% money back guarantee offer. So basically, either it is your satisfaction or your money back. Feels great when a company prioritizes your body goals and satisfaction first, right? Moreover, they offer different discounts and packages that help serve your requirements without being hefty on your bank account.

I needed a flawless body so I tried all the cutting edge strategies yet never worked for me. I figured out how to lose a few pounds but I got fat again. The effects of this supplement shocked me. In just one month of use, my appearance changed completely, the skin was firmer, my belly was thinner and I got rid of cellulite. To perceive what could happen. I connected the gel without consuming fewer calories and it worked anyway. I didn't pick up the extra pounds once again.
Catherine Navratilov

My strength feels like it has increased. Most of my lifts went up by at least 5-10 pounds so far, I feel a bit stronger than usual without the low energy that usually comes with a weight loss support pill.
Luis Gonzales

You can order the product online and join the trail of happy consumers like the ones here:

  • Buy 1 Bottle costs $59.95 (original price $89.50, you save $30) + Free Shipping
  • Buy 3 Bottles for $149.95 (original price $269.85 and save $119.90) + Free Shipping
  • Buy 4 Bottles and Get 2 for Free for $249.95 (original price $539.70 and save $289.75) + Free Shipping

So if you are adding this AMPK Supplement to your cart, we probably will not be the ones to stop you.

Panalean Review – Enjoy Long Haul Weight Loss!

Is weight loss still a struggle and Panalean seems to be the solution you have been looking for? As harsh as ...


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Bioleptin – (Free Shipping Worldwide on All Packages)

This 100% natural supplement has set itself apart by utilizing only two natural ingredients to help you achieve your weight loss goals. In efforts to help you say goodbye to that extra fat, it focuses on your metabolism and digestion and gets them to burn the fat faster. But that is not where the benefits stop. Utilizing African Mango IGOB131 and Chromium Picolinate, this supplement helps your body out in a lot of other areas.

African Mango IGOB131 seems to come in the purest form in this supplement according to its claim and according to a study in the Lipids in Health and Disease journal this ingredient helps reduce your body weight significantly by boosting your metabolic processes. Moreover, Chromium Picolinate helps manage your appetite so you control those late night cravings and can maintain your weight loss. But a range of other benefits this supplement offers include:

  • Improves mood
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Regulates blood sugar level
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Helps manage high blood pressure
  • Aids in removal of harmful toxins
  • Improves vision

You would think with all these benefits, some harmful consequences await you. But you would be delighted to know that this product also fulfills the best pills criteria like the previous products mentioned. You will not be subjected to any negative side-effects except maybe some mild insomnia in the initial stages due to increased energy levels, but it is important to follow the directions of use and not overdose in efforts to amp up your weight loss. Moreover, individuals under 18 cannot consume this product and if you have any serious medical conditions, best to check with your doctor.

Bonus Ebooks

If you want more reason as to why this is included among the best diet pills, the manufacturer offers its customers 2 bonus e-books for free on the purchase of the product!

How to Lose Weight without Dieting – The title is pretty much self-explanatory. The e-book guides you on methods to lose those pounds without dieting like a maniac by giving insight on your body's needs in regards to exercising and food intake.

Big Food's Addictive Chemical X that's making you Sick and Addicted – Sick can refer to actually being sick or just generally unhealthiness and this e-book works to guide you away from foods that may lead you that way. Allowing you an understanding of those foods and how to steer clear from this, this e-book serves you well.

The directions are pretty easy to follow, just consume 2 capsules a day according to how your doctor suggests and take a healthy large meal with it. And like the other satisfied consumers here, you would experience the benefits:

I tried several diets and tried to stay away from the foods I loved and nothing seemed to work. I might have lost a few pounds, but it would always come back. I have been taking IG supplements for six months now and I'm down 33.5 pounds.
Tiffany W

In the first month of taking it (only once a day, mind you, instead of the recommended twice a daily), I lost 7 pounds without making changes in my usual healthy diet and exercise routine!
Tanya E

But wait, there is more. Not only does the product maker offer its customers with free worldwide shipping but prioritizes their satisfaction above the monetary gains. If you are not satisfied with the results, your money comes back to you with the 365 days 100% money back guarantee! And if you have trouble with managing the budget in accordance with your requirements, the manufacturer offers different discount and packages for your ease:

  • 1 Bottle costs $59.95 (original price is $89.95 and you save $30) + Free Shipping
  • 3 Bottles for $139.95 (original price is $269.85 and you save $129.90) + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles – Buy 4 Get 2 For Free for $199.95 (original price is $539.70 and you save $339.75) + Free Shipping

Checking almost all the boxes in the best diet pills criteria, BioLeptin sure landed its spot for good reason!

BioLeptin Review – Enjoy Ongoing Weight Loss!

Have you turned to BioLeptin to be your partner in your weight loss journey? You may find yourself going through ...


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Taking everything into consideration, from the benefits to the prices and all the different packages these products offer, we present to you our pick of the top rated diet pills. Of course, you have done your own research in detail, just as we have. And we hope that this was a comprehensive guide to understand not only how to find the best diet pills but what pills actually fit that description. Indeed, your body goals matter and what efforts you put in to achieve them are of key importance.

It is important to note that even though these diet pills are great for your weight loss journey, they only work as helpers. Like Santa's little elves, they are there to quicken the process and smooth things out for you. However, the major workload still belongs to you as these pills are not a miracle but supplements in the end. You have to maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet and a good workout regime.

Treat your body like a temple because it truly is one.

Do you think we missed out on a diet pill worthy of being on this list? Or do you disagree with our list? If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out and let us know what you think in the comments. 

Emily Stewart Administrator
Emily Stewart is a clinical psychologist who understands the importance of the well-being of an individual on an external and internal level. She believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through her written skills, gives her the knowledge to inform others on an unbiased basis to make an impact.
Emily Stewart Administrator
Emily Stewart is a clinical psychologist who understands the importance of the well-being of an individual on an external and internal level. She believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through her written skills, gives her the knowledge to inform others on an unbiased basis to make an impact.
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