Phentaslim Review – 12 Facts You Need to Know

Phentaslim Review – 12 Facts You Need to Know
Phentaslim Review – 12 Facts You Need to Know

The supplement claims to supercharge your life in just less one minute of the day with one capsule. is reader-supported, so if you'll make a purchase using any of our affiliate links, we may earn commissions at no additional costs to you.

Phentaslim alleged to “supercharge your life in less than one minute a day”. The supplement claims to have only natural ingredients which help in boosting your metabolism to reveal a slimmer and sexier you. The manufacturer claims to sold over 250,000 bottles of Phentaslim. However, they forgot to mention, how many of them found to be satisfied with the results.

To understand the relationship of its ingredients with weight loss, our research dug deeper and analyzed them with published clinical trials. Additionally, we read out multiple customer reviews and testimonials to see how it worked for them and thereby we condensed all other findings you to show you the real image of the product.

Let's see what we discovered about Phentaslim…

What is Phentaslim?

Phentaslim is a dietary supplement that claims to “Destroy Your Hunger Pangs and Annihilate Your Body Fat”. The supplement contains natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals to ensure faster and safe weight loss. The product is designed to help you to jumpstart your fat loss in six ways:

  1. Burning fat
  2. Burning calories
  3. Reducing craving
  4. Boosting energy
  5. Mental clarity
  6. Boosting overall health
Unfortunately, there is no clinical study posted on the official website that could support these claims.
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About Manufacturer

Phentaslim is designed by Optimum Nutra Inc, based in Panama City, Panama. The company established in 2011 with an aim to provide you most pure and effective supplements to maintain your health and well being. Other than Phentaslim, the company also has two other weight loss supplements in their catalog which include:

  1. Phentatrim
  2. Superfruit Slim
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Phentaslim Claims

Phentaslim claims include:

  • You can supercharge your life in less than one minute of the day
  • Boosts your metabolism to melt away excess fat
  • Reduces craving by making you feel full throughout the day
  • Stops further weight gain by limiting the further deposition of fats and burning the excess calories
  • Elevates energy levels to keep you active throughout the day
  • Improves mood and increases intense focus
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals to improve the overall health of the body
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Phentaslim Ingredients Analysis

Phentaslim ingredients include:

  • Green tea 375mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 270mg
  • L-Theanine 225mg
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine 200mg
  • L-Tyrosine 200mg
  • Panax ginseng 1200mg
  • Guarana Seed 400mg
  • Magnesium 80mg
  • Cayenne Pepper 50mg
  • Niacin 20mg
  • Zinc 15mg
  • Black pepper extract 24mg
  • Vitamin B6 1.8mg
  • Vitamin B2 1.3mg
  • Vitamin B1 1.3mg
  • Vitamin B12 10mcg

Other ingredients include gelatin and magnesium stearate.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthy beverages on this planted that is loaded with various plant compounds which may improve your health. Among other compounds, green tea also has caffeine but it holds very less amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee. Some people even claim that green tea promotes fat burnings and may improve your exercise.

According to a study from American Journal and Nutrition, men who took green tea before exercise burnt 17% more fat than men you didn't take. The study showed that green tea can enhance your fat burning efforts during exercise.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is the form of caffeine ‘without water' that is more potent than regular caffeine and the body may absorb it readily.

It's the major component in this supplement that helps to boost metabolism and diminishes hunger while elevating the energy levels. However, it's associated with adverse side effects such as anxiety, mood swings, tremors, jitters, vomiting and nausea.

According to MayoClinic, caffeine consumption appeared to be safe in most adults if taken up to 400mg per day but heavy caffeine dosage can cause unpleasant side effects such as insomnia, irritability, stomach upset and restlessness.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid derivative that is often used in the supplements for weight loss aid and improving the brain function. However, most of its claims don't match up with published clinical trials.

In one study by International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 38 women who exercised for 4 weeks didn't notice any weight loss difference who took L-Carnitine than who didn't take.

Most of the scientific studies concluded little to no advantage of L-Carnitine for weight loss purposes. More research is needed before considering its ability to burn fat and losing weight.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is often used in many weight loss supplements. It may help you in losing weight because theoretically, it may help to speed up your metabolism.

According to University of Michigan Medicine, there is no scientific study that shows it helps in promoting weight loss. It's also advised to take without food as it can be stimulating. It shouldn't be taken when supplementing with other amino acids as it can possibly upset the balance even by taking just one.

Panax Ginseng

It's also known as Korean Ginseng which is traditionally used for medicinal purposes and it may also have an impact as weight loss purposes.

According to LiveStrong, there is no clinical data that could prove its effectiveness for weight loss. It's also advised to consult your doctor first before using Panax Ginseng.

Guarana Seed

Guarana made from the seeds of a plant native to the Amazon basin. It's a great source of caffeine that is believed to be responsible for boosting the metabolism which leads to faster calories burn and ultimately promote fat loss.

Test-tube studies on guarana found that it suppresses genes which are responsible for fat cell production. However, its effect still remained unclear on humans, states Healthline (1, 2).

WebMD also mentions that there is no good evidence found related to guarana that could support its claims. And it can also be unsafe if taken for long-term.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a natural herb that may help boost digestion, promote weight loss and suppresses appetite.

According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, cayenne pepper helped to reduce abdominal fat more than placebo but it didn't help losing weight.

Black Pepper Extract

That said, the pungent chemical in black pepper, piperine hindered the development of new mature fat cells. In a 2013 study by British Journal of Nutrition, people who ate black pepper didn't notice any appreciable increase in the calories burned throughout the day. The burning of calories is important for fat loss, including belly fat. So, the research suggested that black pepper might not have a significant impact on weight loss.

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Phentaslim Potential Side Effects

The official website didn't mention any side effect associated with Phentaslim. However, based on ingredients, you may experience the following side effects:

  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Mood symptoms
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased heart rate
  • Menstrual problems
  • Tremors
  • Jitters
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
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Does Phentaslim Really Help in Losing Weight?

Based on ingredients added to this supplement, you may notice temporary changes in your body weight. Most of the ingredients added to the supplement aren't backed up by clinical studies so long-term and significant results don't seem to be possible.  Vitamins are a good addition to the supplement and it may help you feel better throughout the day.

The supplement contains caffeine and other caffeine related compounds that may improve your metabolism but if you unknowingly take consume more caffeine content then more likely you'll face adverse side effects and allergic reactions.

The result will greatly vary from person to person. You might want to try out a better and high-quality alternative – more on that later.

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How to Take Phentaslim

According to the official website, it's recommended to take 3 capsules a day. Take the first capsule in the morning before breakfaster with the water, take the second capsule before lunch again with water and take the last capsule in the afternoon before a meal with water.

The supplement contains caffeine so it's always best to take the last capsule before 5 PM in order to avoid causing sleeplessness and anxiety.

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Warnings for Phentaslim Users

The general warnings associated with Phentaslim include:

  • People under 18 shouldn't use this supplement
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid taking this supplement
  • Not suitable for people who have body mass index (BMI) less than 18.5
  • The supplement isn't suitable for vegans because it contains a small amount of gelatin in its capsule gel.
  • If you're already taking any medication or having a medical condition then avoid taking this supplement or consult your doctor first before incorporating into your daily routine.
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Customers Reviews

We found numerous negative customers reviews about Phentaslim. While some people didn't notice any effective result with the supplement others found to be struggling for getting their refund. Here is what we found:

I have used one bottle and haven’t dropped a pound! The product is a waste of time. I have been eating healthy and exercising 3 times a week. Don’t waste your money. It does, however, replace a cup of coffee in the morning! Good caffeine boost but that’s about it.
Phentaslim Customer
Their website states they have a 100% money back guarantee, but beware!!! These diet pills DO NOT work. Once you buy them, you own them because they will not refund your money as they advertise. Don’t waste your money.
I’ve been taking Phentasilm for 1-week. I’ve lost one pound. My appetite seems suppressed. What I’ve found difficult is waiting 20 mins. Before the time is up I get jittery and slightly dizzy. So I have started taking it 5-10 mins before a meal with no less than 16 ounces of water.
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Where to Buy Phentaslim

Phentaslim can be purchased directly on the official website. One bottle of Phentaslim contains 90 capsules which are a supply of one month as you've to take 3 capsules per day. Phentaslim packages include:

  • 1 Bottle – $59
  • 2 Bottles + 1 Free Bottle – $99
  • 3 Bottles + 2 Free Bottles – $149

Money Back Guarantee

The product comes with 90 days money back guarantee so in case if you don't like the product then just send back your unused bottles and get your refund that will cost you $10 restocking fee. The company also mentioned that shipping and handling cost will be non-refundable.

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Phentaslim Alternative – Our Recommendation

Based on ingredients, would you consider an ideal deal to supercharge your day in less than one day? Well, it doesn't seem to be possible since the majority of the ingredients have little to advantage for weight loss purposes. You may notice short-term improved energy level and body weight reduction but you won't expect long-term and highly effective results. A better alternative can be the right choice for you!

Among the best supplements that contain clinically proven ingredients, PhenQ stands with our recommendation due to its remarkable results for effective weight loss.

The supplement helps in promoting effective weight loss results regardless of the age and body type. The product is free from every kind of stimulant and additive fillers so no matter if you're a coffee-lover, you can continue losing weight loss without affecting your daily routine.

Other than weight loss, the supplement also helps with improved metabolism, elevated energy levels, regulated blood sugar level, balanced hormonal level, better skin condition and improved digestive system with just one single capsule. Isn't that an ideal to supercharge your life with just one capsule?

When it comes to pricing, the supplement comes with 3 discount packages so if you buy 1 bottle, you get an exclusive discount but if you buy 2 or 4 bottles, you get free bottles with exclusive discounts and free shipping worldwide.

The manufacturer is highly confident on his manufactured product so he is offering 60 days money back guarantee so in case you don't get your desired results, just send back your empty/unused bottles and get your refund with no question asked! So you've nothing to lose but unnecessary pounds!

Check out the visual comparison of both products and see how Phentaslim compares with PhenQ.

Phentaslim vs PhenQ
Scientifically Proven Ingredients
Side Effects Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Customer Support
Money-Back Guarantee
Free Shipping
Worldwide Availability


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So, ladies and gentlemen, we've come with the decision that Phentaslim doesn't seem to be effective as manufacturer claims about the product. Additionally, there are numerous negative customer reviews and buyers won't be able to get their refund which is another concern we've about this supplement.

We recommend a product that contains clinically proven ingredients and must have reliable support management so the individuals who don't get desired results, would get their hard-earned money back.

Among the best supplements, we've come across this year, PhenQ is our No. 1 recommendation. The supplement is proven to be effective for ongoing weight loss and improving the well-being of an individual. It also comes with 60 days money-back guarantee so you can test the product without even worrying to lose your hard money back guarantee.

If you're curious to know more about this product then must check out our in-depth review that covers everything about this product.

Emily Stewart Administrator
Emily Stewart is a clinical psychologist who understands the importance of the well-being of an individual on an external and internal level. She believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through her written skills, gives her the knowledge to inform others on an unbiased basis to make an impact.
Emily Stewart Administrator
Emily Stewart is a clinical psychologist who understands the importance of the well-being of an individual on an external and internal level. She believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through her written skills, gives her the knowledge to inform others on an unbiased basis to make an impact.
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The supplement contains ingredients which neither backed up clinical studies nor proven to be effective for weight loss purposes. Numerous negative customer reviews found regarding this supplement. Our recommendation is to use our No. 1 weight loss supplement, PhenQ that contains clinically proven ingredients and comes with 60 days money-back guarantee!

  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • No clinically proven ingredients
  • Ingredients are associated with a wide range of side effects
  • Not effective for weight loss purposes
  • Numerous negative customers reviews
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