Zuccarin Diet Review – 13 Facts You Need to Know

Zuccarin Diet Review – 13 Facts You Need to Know
Zuccarin Diet Review – 13 Facts You Need to Know

The product claims to support weight management and regulate your blood sugar level.

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When you visit the Zuccarin Diet website, you'll notice the company tout this supplement as carb blocker that helps you lose weight and regulate blood sugar level. While that's impressive, our research staff was mainly interested to know how Zuccarin Diet works.

So, our team took a closer look at ingredients and compared with published clinical studies to evaluate the claims of the product maker. Additionally, we read out side effects, money back guarantee along with customers reviews and then we condensed all other findings to give you the information you need to make a better decision before trying it out.

Let's see what we discovered…

What is Zuccarin Diet?

Zuccarin Diet is a carbohydrate blocker that's supposed to limit the absorption of calories, start mobilizing the stored energy reserves and uses fats as a fuel. It also claims to maintain a normal blood sugar level, reduce cravings and making it easier to stick to a sensible diet.

The official website mentioned some claims of ingredient, Zuccarin being clinically-backed; although they didn't provide any link to the clinical study.

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About Manufacturer

A Canadian company, New Nordic is behind Zuccarin Diet. The company started back at the beginning of the 90's in Copenhagen, Denmark, when two friends, Marinus Blaabjerg and Karl Kristian Jensen decided to quit their job and shared a passion for healthy living. They developed a product, Frutin that helped people relief heartburn and acid reflux without disturbing natural acid levels in the stomach. Since then for over two decades, New Nordic has been producing natural supplements in Scandinavia (where people strive to live in harmony with nature) that sell all over the world.

New Nordic advocates its aim to “develop a variety of numerous vitamins, minerals, herbal and other food supplements that help to promote vitality, well-being and fight age-related degeneration.”

However, when it comes to Zuccarin Diet, there's no information about when they added this product to their catalog and made it available for the public usage. Some other supplements in their catalog, including:

  • Chili Burn Strong
  • Apple Cider
  • Active Liver
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Zuccarin Diet Claims

Zuccarin Diet claims include:

  • Supports weight management
  • Helps regulate healthy blood sugar level
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Zuccarin Diet Ingredients Analysis

Zuccarin Diet ingredients include:

  • Mulberry leaves
  • Green coffee bean
  • Chromium

Mulberry Leaves

Mulberry trees grow in Asia and its leaves are supposed to help in weight loss. Distributors extract something (known as mulberry zuccarin) from leaves and use it to make diet pills. According to Dr. Ray Sahelian, an author and nutritionist, mulberry leaves contain a compound called 1-deoxynojirimycin, helps promote weight loss by hindering the enzyme that digest carbohydrates.

This means carbohydrate-rich foods you eat, don't convert into glucose and stored in the body as fat, instead, are simply flushed out via intestines.

Green Coffee Bean

According to research posted by Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, green coffee bean extract aids in improving obesity by decreasing body fat in high-fat diet-induced obese mice.

However, Medical News Today reports, green coffee bean might have a mild effect that can last for a few weeks or months but you shouldn't expect anything beyond that. They also report, most of the studies on green coffee bean are often small, short-term and sponsored by companies that produce or sell green coffee bean products. Of course, it doesn't mean the results of the study were invalid, but yes, funding sources can still have an impact on outcomes.


Chromium picolinate is an essential trace mineral that often supplemented to improve insulin action in the body. However, when chromium is taken by people with normal or elevated chromium level, no reliable results are achieved.

Examine.com reports, chromium isn't effective for diabetics, further studies are needed to confirm its exact mechanism.

WebMD lists chromium as possibly being useful for regulating cholesterol level but it doesn't affect obesity and athletic performance.

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Is Zuccarin Diet Suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans?

Yes, Zuccarin Diet is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. The product is free from glucose, yeast, soy and dairy products. It's formulated without the use of preservatives, flavors or colors of any kind.

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Zuccarin Diet Potential Side Effects

New Nordic didn't mention any side effect associated with Zuccarin Diet, however, LiveStrong reports; due to the nature of mulberry zuccarin some may experience gastrointestinal disruption like:

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
Due to lack of studies on Zuccarin Diet and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, New Nordic advises avoiding taking this herbal supplement.
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Does Zuccarin Diet Really Help in Losing Weight?

Zuccarin Diet ingredients are mainly focused on lowering the blood sugar level that may promote weight loss indirectly. There are no direct appetite suppressants or fat burners found in the supplement. So more likely, some may notice slight weight loss because of low carb intake.

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How to Take Zuccarin Diet

According to the product packaging, it's suggested to take 1 capsule 3 times a day 20 minutes before each meal.

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Warnings for Zuccarin Diet Users

The general warnings for Zuccarin Diet consumers include:

  • The product is suitable for adults only.
  • Don't use the supplement if you're pregnant women or breastfeeding mother.
  • Take the supplement only a few hours before or after taking your medication.
  • If you're on medication or having any medical illness such as diabetes then must consult your physician first before assimilating this supplement into your daily lifestyle.
  • Don't use the supplement if blister package is broken.
  • Keep the supplement out of reach of children.
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Customer Reviews

Zuccarin Diet has secured a 2.7 rating out of 5 on Amazon that shows, many customers are unsatisfied with the product. Here is what consumers are saying:

Have finished all the box and lost a little bit of weight.
I am sure for some, this works, but not 3 pills a day 20 minutes before each meal, doesn't work for me. I tried it for a month and decided not to purchase more, expensive. Possibly it helps with blood sugar, but I would not know.
Rebecca Yurkanin
I started taking this supplement I knew that I needed some help a push to lose weight. it didn't help any at least I didn't see any results. I recommend you not getting it. Instead, I started to eat more fruits and vegetables and I drink more water and I was able to see better results.
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Where to Buy Zuccarin Diet

Zuccarin Diet is available for purchase on the official website and other online trusted sellers, including Amazon, eBay & Walmart. One box contains 60 capsules which are a supply of 20 days as you're suggested to take 1 capsule 3 times a day.

Zuccarin Diet is available in different packages, including:

For Canadian Site

  • 1 box – $34.95 + S&H
  • 3 boxes – $29.71/each
  • 6 boxes – $26.21/each
  • 12 boxes – $22.71/each

For American Site

On American site you get them at a cheaper price:

  • 1 box – $24.95 + S&H
  • 3 boxes – $21.21/each
  • 6 boxes – $18.71/each
  • 12 boxes – $16.72/each

Money Back Guarantee

It appears New Nordic is offering a 30-day money back guarantee, in their return and refund policy, the company mentioned:

“Due to the nature of our product, we do not have a money back guarantee program. However, our customer service is always here to hear your concerns and can help with any exchanges or compensations, should you have encountered problems with our products. You have 30 calendar days to return the item from the date you receive it. To be eligible for a refund, a proof of purchase and a filled-out customer complaint form sent by our quality assurance manager needs to be returned to us. Once we receive all necessary documentation, we will initiate a refund to you via your credit card (or original method of payment). You will receive the credit within a certain number of days, depending on your card issuer’s policy. Please note, you will be responsible for paying your own shipping costs for returning your product(s).”
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Zuccarin Diet Alternative – Our Recommendation

Zuccarin Diet got a lot of buzz and at first glance, it seems to be a potent supplement to start with but the supplement contains only a few proven ingredients and there are, however, few “fade” ingredients found in the formula that required more research before taking them into consideration.

The major problem with the product, it's targeting blood sugar levels mainly that may cause slight weight loss as a side effect indirectly. This means, the formula won't work as an appetite suppressant or fat burner so long-term and effective results don't seem to be possible with that formula. In addition to that, there are a lot of negative customer reviews about this supplement and quite a few side effects to consider with that.

We mainly focus on supplements that help you lose weight quickly when paired with a balanced diet and exercise regimen.

Our recommendation is to use a supplement that contains clinically proven ingredients, proven to be safe and must be backed by positive customer feedback. Such a supplement can be a bit more expensive but it does help you in the long-turn and surely it worths spending your money on those products that work for you, rather than on ones that won't work for you and provide you only negative side effects while affecting your bank.

If you're looking for such a supplement, to get the best value of your money, our recommendation is to give a try to PhenQ. The supplement contains clinically proven ingredients with no potential side effects and backed up by positive customer feedback.

The research shows that the supplement improves metabolism, accelerates fat burning, keep your appetite under control while improving your overall health from inside out.

When it comes to pricing, it comes with 3 discount packages with exclusive 60 days money back guarantee and free shipping worldwide. So if you're dissatisfied with the supplement for any reason, you'll get your refund.

Still, if you're not sure why PhenQ is better than Zuccarin Diet then check out this comparison and decide yourself.

Zuccarin Diet vs PhenQ
Scientifically Proven Ingredients
Side Effects Free
Positive Customer Reviews
24/7 Customer Support
Money-Back Guarantee
Free Shipping
Worldwide Availability


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So, would you like to use a supplement that might not work for you? Well, we like the longevity of the company, we also like, the supplement contains natural ingredients but we've some strong reservations:

  • Ingredients aren't proven to be effective for long-term and effective weight loss results
  • The supplement doesn't contain any appetite suppressant or fat burner that could help you lose weight directly and potentially.
  • There are a bunch of negative customer reviews regarding the Zuccarin Diet, the product has secured a rating of 2.7 out of 5 on Amazon.
  • Quite a few side effects associated with mulberry zuccarin.

Our recommendation is to use such a product that contains clinically proven ingredients that must be effective for weight loss directly, free from side effects and backed up positive customer feedback. If you're looking for such a supplement then must give a try to PhenQ, containing clinically-tested ingredients that increase metabolism and ignite fat loss.

The supplement is backed up by a 2 FULL month refundable money-back guarantee so you've nothing to lose but so much to achieve, just a few steps away.

If you're curious to know more about this supplement then must check out our in-depth review.

Emily Stewart Administrator
Emily Stewart is a clinical psychologist who understands the importance of the well-being of an individual on an external and internal level. She believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through her written skills, gives her the knowledge to inform others on an unbiased basis to make an impact.
Emily Stewart Administrator
Emily Stewart is a clinical psychologist who understands the importance of the well-being of an individual on an external and internal level. She believes in communicating the truth as much as possible and through her written skills, gives her the knowledge to inform others on an unbiased basis to make an impact.
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The supplement contains ingredients which aren't proven to be effective for weight loss, additionally, some ingredients require more research before taking into consideration. The supplement got a bunch of negative customer reviews, in addition to a few side effects. Our recommendation is to use our No. 1 Fat Burner that promotes healthy weight loss while improving the overall energy of the body and comes with 60 days money back guarantee.

  • Regulate blood sugar level
  • The longevity of the company, New Nordic
  • Ineffective and fade ingredients
  • Contains no appetite suppressant and fat burners
  • Bad customer rating (2.7 out of 7) on Amazon
  • Quite a few side effects
  • Not available worldwide
  • Only 30-day money back guarantee
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